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Pictures of korean fashion. Latest trends in fashion for women.

Pictures Of Korean Fashion

pictures of korean fashion

pictures of korean fashion - Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Mafia - The Complete Series

Cashmere Mafia - The Complete Series

Set in glamorous New York City, four women stay close as they strive for success in the business world. Affectionately known as the Cashmere Mafia, they rely on each other for support in both their careers and their often-tumultuous personal relationships. Publisher Mia (Lucky Liu), CEO Juliet (Miranda Otto), top business executive Zoe (Frances O'Connor) and key marketing executive Caitlin (Bonnie Somerville) are bright, driven and dedicated, supporting each other through rocky marriages, rival colleagues, kids' recitals and the hunt for the perfect loft. Their ambition comes with a price - although they consistently outpace their male colleagues and husbands in salary and title, they must watch out for scheming rivals, eager to bring them down. But how better to climb to the top of the corporate ladder than with your buddies at your side?

Pitted against Lipstick Jungle during the 2008 TV season, Cashmere Mafia holds its own with a familiar but still welcome focus on four powerhouse New York women whose fierce devotion to their jobs is matched only by their unwavering friendship with each other. Helmed by Darren Star (Sex and the City), Cashmere Mafia focuses on the lives of magazine publisher Mia Mason (Lucy Liu) and her friends Zoe Burden (Frances O'Connor), Juliet Draper (Miranda Otto), and Caitlin Dowd (Bonnie Somerville). Zoe and Juliet--both married with children--juggle their jobs as high-powered executives with frenzied family lives. While Mia searches for love with a colleague, a brain surgeon, and a manny, cosmetics executive Caitlin questions her sexuality and finds a relatively stable relationship with another women. There are some plot points that go nowhere: a sex tape, a pregnancy, a fashion show disaster. But the core group shares wonderful chemistry. While Liu is meant to be the show's star, Otto, with her icy, red-haired good looks and regal voice, has the most compelling scenes. As the cuckolded wife with a n'er-do-well husband, Otto injects depth and emotion to Juliet, who has to work out in her own mind that presenting a happy image is no substitute for actually being happy. Thanks to the 2008 Writers Strike, the series is truncated to just seven episodes. The sad thing is that the show was canceled just as the writers began to develop the characters into interesting women, rather than high-heeled caricatures we've seen before. Often compared to Sex and the City because of the female cast, the New York setting, and the fashionista wardrobe, Cashmere Mafia doesn't touch Sex at its peak. But it hints at enough "what could have beens" to make viewers wistful that the series didn't get a second season. --Jae-Ha Kim

76% (19)

+pRetTy s0ng HyE kYo+

+pRetTy s0ng HyE kYo+

pictures of the different sides of my ever favorite asian (korean) actress Song Hye Kyo
every angle of the camera, every smiles, every expression in her face could launch a thousand ships....
4 mE sHe's d BEST!!!!

2006 Korean Jung Ang Concour

2006 Korean Jung Ang Concour

I presented this Looks at Jungang Concours which is one of the famous korean fashion compatitions.
i won a prize but wasnt that big one what i expected tho

pictures of korean fashion

pictures of korean fashion

Amore Pacific Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Cream (JAEUMSANG CREAM) 60ml

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